160 page hardcover with jacket

Andy’s third, largest and longest Colorado coffee table book is full of 85 gorgeous photographs from the high country and front range. Each picture is accompanied with poetic words that reflect their beauty.

The other two, “Last Signs of the Frontier” and “Colorado: A Breath Away From Heaven” are sold out, and no longer available.

Great Holiday Gift !​

All images in the Magic and Wonder of Colorado
​are available in print or on canvas.

​Released in 2017!

$49.95 shipped within the United States


The book has 160 pages, 85 images and four lines of prose to accompany each one. Covering a large part of Colorado, you’ll find images from the Sand Juans, Boulder, the Sand Dunes, the Aspen area and much more.

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The books that are signed and numbered are the first hundred.

Let me just say that this is my best book. The pictures are great, but I’m really proud of my writing. I went to college to be a journalist. Each line in the book has EIGHT SYLLABLES. This is far more advanced than “A Breath Away from Heaven.”

SO PICK UP THAT PHONE AND GIVE ME AN ORDER, PLEASE. These will make unbelievable gifts.



LITTLETON INDEPENDENT – December 11, 2017:

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“I bought one of your books years ago. You enrich my life with your gift. I could never pay you for the joy you share with the world, thank you.” – Pamela Osborn

“One thing is for sure. Those there today love the spirit of the man behind the camera. We learned today what extreme measures you go to obtain the best photographs….those there today are already “addicted” to your timeless and spirit filled photographs.” – Pat Ward

“I must tell you how much Jim and I have enjoyed this book. We have recently moved to Tulsa, and though the people here are lovely – we definitely miss the beauty of our Colorado. Your book moved me in so may ways, especially page 95, the aspen grove in Rocky Mountain National Park. I believe it’s my #1 favorite. That said, one of your favorites rate right up there – the Bison in Genesse. Then there is the Hanging Lake icicles on page 154…totally breathtaking. Of course, page 133 with the lone horse in Douglas County is not too shabby. And that beautiful, eerie one of Pikes Peak on 125 totally rocks! I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how I enjoyed your book.” – Trisha Jorgensen

“I was blown away by your expertise, your writing style and most of all your photography!! The Book is incredible and I loved EVERY PAGE.  I can’t wait to send the one I got to my kids who live in Florida to remind them of beautiful Colorado.  I know they will love it and will be especially mindful to them as they are both journalism majors.  They will see how inspirational their majors could be with an example like your book!!” – Nancy Hall

“I truly believe it will be a great addition to our Colorado collection.” – Sara BaDour, Mines Bookstore, Barnes & Noble

“Andy your book is a journey into ecstasy. The pictures are the purest of Mother Nature’s colors and your poetry marries everything to perfection. A master at your craft.” – H. A. Thompson

“I received the books yesterday and they look fantastic! Congratulations on a job well done. I hope you sell many!” – Hank Brink

“I just received our book of photographs. They are beautiful. Thank you for what you wrote. This is so awesome. I’ve never seen a book like this before. I’ll treasure it!” – Cathie Wing

“Beautiful book!” – Seth Edelman